Client Benefits ProRFx® Datasheet

ProRFx® is the most advanced and easy to use bid management solution available to date. Using templates and our patent pending Formlet™ technologies along with our simple wizard driven processes, ProRFx® empowers the most novice user with the ability to create robust solicitations, like Request for Proposals, in five minutes or less.

Best of all, ProRFx® helps maintain your organizations polices by automatically including forms, documents, and content that is required for the type of solicitation being created!

No more searching for the most up-to-date version of your organization’s Terms & Conditions or trying to determine if an Anti-Lobbying Agreement is needed, ProRFx® does it all for you so that you can achieve significant process efficiencies and cost savings.

Public Sector

Federal, State, County, Municipal, Educational, and Healthcare purchasing departments use our products to streamline and automate their purchasing and vendor management processes to comply with business rules and requirements, and to efficiently manage all aspects of business commerce.

ProRFx® allows Public Sector entities to:

  • Conduct online sealed bids, proposals, quotations, reverse auctions, etc., easier and faster than ever before.
  • Attract and manage vendors, both available and pre-approved.
  • Automatically distribute content and updates (such as Addenda)
  • Automatically generate Bid Tabs and reports within seconds.
  • Track bid activity, access audit logs, and reduce the number of protests with more factual information
  • Guaranteed to reduce your bidding workload by at least 40%*
  • Up and Running in as little as 24hr
  • Manages ALL your bidding needs: MS Excel upload through to Margin bidding
  • Whole Bid/Line/Ordinal Scoring w/automatic Bid Tabs
  • No Hardware or Software required – ISO Banking level security!
  • No IT support required
  • Free Vendor Self Registration
  • Free Email Notifications and SMS Text Messages for Buyers and Vendors
  • 34,000+ vendors already participating
  • Contract Management option
  • Free Vendor Self Registration

    …and so much more!

*You are able to define your audience

Private Sector

Simplified bid management for general contractors and subcontractors in one central location.

  • Find and rate subcontractors in the right markets with the right skills
  • Manage bid communications more efficiently through a collaborative approach
  • Save time, money and overhead
  • Improve your invitation to bid process and build better Contractor directory
  • Simplify Document Storage
  • Track bid responses
  • Better, Documented Communication

Custom Dashboards & Reports

Quickly and easily create custom dashboards for your website and stakeholders, allowing you to update and share important information without involving your IT department.


  1. Increase Bid Response Engage the world by leveraging technologies to proliferate awareness. The broader the audience, the more participation.
  2. Increase Staff Productivity Spend less time creating solicitations, managing vendor inquiries, and tabulating results.
  3. Quick Implementation Up and running in as little as 24hrs. What more can we say…saving and efficiency starts immediately!


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