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Responding to solicitations, like RFPs, can be painful, time consuming, and very expensive.

According to the Society for Marketing Professional Services and others, the average cost to respond to a single solicitation can range from $3,000.00 - $10,000.00 and yet there is only a chance of winning. As a result, many companies are very selective or do not participate at all.

ProRFx® changes all of that…

ProRFx® Helps Cut Costs

Submitting a bid is fast, easy, and inexpensive taking just minutes to respond, not days.

You don’t have to print, divide into sections, bind, make copies, mail or Fed-Ex…saving you valuable time and money.

Furthermore, you can retract your bid at any time before the solicitation closes, providing that piece of mind knowing that the bid you submit is the best it can be.

Registration is free, and provides you with access to the WorldERP™ Network where you can improve sales performance by attracting more business and new customers through Free marketing opportunities and product/services awareness.

  • Free Self-Registration (No cost or obligation)
  • No Membership fees or dues
  • Free Real-time Email Notifications of bid opportunities, addenda & awards
  • Free optional mobile Text Messages
  • View and download bid opportunities and attachments Free of charge
  • Target your regional of interest
  • Advertise your business to participating government agencies

    …and so much more!

Sell With Us and Reach New Markets

Get the attention of thousands of users and grow your business-to-business (Private Sector) and business-to-government (Public Sector) sales performance.

Public Sector clients are always on the lookout for products and services that not only represent good value, but are under contract with a State or Local government agency, municipality, or school/university. For Public Sector, finding products and services that are under contract is difficult and can significantly improves your chances for a sale.

Simply upload your products and/or services into the WorldERP™ Network using an excel spreadsheet and capture the attention* of State, Local government agencies, municipalities, schools, and universities. Have more than one contract? Upload them all!

  • Upload as many contract catalogs, non-contract catalogs, and sales fliers as you wish, Free of charge.
  • Since you only pay a small fee when a sale is made, your marketing dollars are being used more effectively and efficiently compared to any other advertising method.
  • 34,000+ vendors already participating
How to Sell

* You are able to define your audience

Teaming Opportunities

A Teaming Opportunity exists when a solicitation is advertised that can be performed by two or more contractors working together to meet the needs defined in the solicitation, thereby qualifying them to bid.

While there exist many types of Teaming Opportunities, an easy to understand example is that of a solicitation Teaming opportunities for new building construction where the General Contractor is the Prime Contractor (AKA Prime) who often looks for Subcontractors (AKA Subs) to handle specialized requirements such as Electricians, Plumbing, HVAC, Drywall, Painters, Flooring, Cleaning, etc.

Additionally, some Government solicitations require the Prime to 'Team' with a certain percentage of Certified Disadvantaged Businesses (such as Small Businesses, Woman Owned Businesses, etc.) within a given State in order to qualify to bid on the solicitation.

Many times, it can be a challenge for Primes to find Subs, as it can also be a challenge for Subs to find Primes with whom to team.

ProRFx® uses a proprietary search engine that allows you to search for Primes and/or Subs that you can team with in order to qualify you to bid on a solicitation, fast, simple, and powerful.

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