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Easily Customizable SaaS Solution
Easily Customizable SaaS Solution - addressing your unique rules and requirements within minutes.

What does it really mean? The term “Customizable” is used as a marketing expression in the software industry to make you feel like the product you are buying can do anything and everything you need for a particular purpose.

Unfortunately, after the sale is made, you find out that the term “Customizable” wasn’t exactly the same as what you had in mind and customizations end up being painfully difficult, not to mention a significant investments in time, energy, and money.

In the world of public procurement requirements, regulations, and policy can be updated periodically and differ from State-to-State and Agency-to-Agency. Furthermore, changes in resources and technologies all result in the need to customize something, somewhere, at some point in time.

ProRFx™ has been developed using the latest innovations and technologies to provide you with the tools you need to outperform other Fully Customizable e-Sourcing solutions at a fraction of the cost. Don’t settle for basic customization features. Not only does ProRFx® offer the most comprehensive list of customizable features in the industry, but ProRFx™ also contains personalization. Personalization allows users to set up their screens the way they want to maximize the efficiencies and performance of each user thereby assuring greater user adoption and proficiency.

True Agile Infrastructure in the cloud

Beyond SaaS?
Our proprietary agile infrastructure design provides unsurpassed configuration and growth capabilities that allow us to adapt to just about anything you or the world of technology throws our way.
Whether you are looking to increase productivity, maximize automation, decrease cost, expand capabilities, or all of the above, go with the Pro, ProRFx®.
Agile Infrastructure

Want to know more?
Our technology is proprietary and our features are among the most comprehensive in the industry. If you would like more information, give us a call, or provide your contact information below:

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