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Smarter Services Procurement - Source, Procure and Manage effortlessly
Smarter Services Procurement

Expertise. Over 35yrs experience and collaborative work with BETA testers, public procurement agencies, For-Profit & Not-For-Profit organizations, manufacturers, service providers, resellers, and distributors have gone into the development of ProRFx®, the next step in the evolution of eSourcing.

Less Time. ProRFx® is a fast and effective, all-inclusive eSourcing solution with two (2) delivery models from which to choose: Cloud Based or On-Premise. Both models can automate as many tasks as you wish from solicitation creation to award.

With ProRFx® your work can be done in minutes instead of days or weeks by leveraging more information faster, with more consistentcy and less resources than ever before! Regain file cabinet floor space. Eliminate "missing file" syndrome. Control access from your desktop and find what you want, when you want.

Stop the Pain. Services procurement driving you crazy? Relieve the pain with ProRFx®. ProRFx® is focused on increasing addressable spend and savings by accelerating transactional and template-driven sourcing projects to eliminate bottlenecks and improve the internal reach and impact of strategic sourcing organizations.

  • Limit advertising and bidding to your Pre-Qualify bidders, or consider adopting Pre-Qualified bidders of other agencies/organizations by reviewing ratings and comments.
  • Periodically validate insurance compliance as an automated process.
  • Easily create/maintain workflow for internal tasks and ERP/Financials/Project management integration, as well as, external consulting tasks.
  • Powerful and Automatic Committee Scoring and Tabulation Reporting.
  • Removes resource and process bottlenecks
  • Provides scalable execution capabilities
  • Optimizes cost of resources
ProRFx® eSourcing can serve as the execution and delivery solution for any organization. Our easy to use, easy to customize model enables clients to transition away from day-to-day execution and focus on stakeholder engagement, strategy, and selling the value of procurement.

Spend Analytics. Program specific data analysis identifies savings opportunities and facilitates strategy development.
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Sourcing Execution. ProRFx® focuses on tactical sourcing execution while clients drive decision making.
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Contract Management. Established Contract Management Framework improves speed and efficientcy through creation, compliance, execution, and transparentcy.
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Supplier Performance Administration. ProRFx® provides the framework that enables a closed-loop process and provides the tools to serve as the execution device to drive sustainable Supplier Performance Administration.

Less Cost. ProRFx® is one of the most comprehensive, affordable eSourcing solutions on the planet. In fact, acquisition and ownership cost of ProRFx® is so low, we can't disclose the pricing online. If you would like more information, give us a call, or provide your contact information below:

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