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Security Tips
  1. Choose a secure and memorable password. A password is like a toothbrush: choose a good one, don't share it with anyone, and change it at the first sign of problem. A ProRFx.com password must include at least five characters and one number.  You should come up with something that's easy for you to remember but impossible for someone to figure out.
  2. ProRFx® will not ask for your password in an unsolicited email or phone call. If you receive such a request, assume it's a hoax and don't reply.
  3. Use ONLY your account. We are all very busy with our day-to-day responsibilities and it can be tempting to ask someone to sign onto the system using your account.  However, if you do this, you open yourself up to ENORMOUS security hazards.  It is like giving someone your credit card.  Resist the urge at all costs!
  4. Use anti-virus software. This can detect many, but not all, forms of malicious software before they have a chance to affect your computer. Most notably, anti-virus software does not detect spyware.
  5. Use anti-spyware software daily. This can ensure your computer is sending personal information to unauthorized individuals.  We recommend the Avira software program.  (Note: You must have administrative rights on your computer to load this)
  6. Keep your software up to date. You can prevent many problems by regularly checking for and installing updates for your operating system, browser, and other programs.
  7. Clean up after using shared computers. If you share a computer, whether it's in a public or private setting, make sure to sign out when not using your account. You should also learn how to "clear the cache," if you use the computer to browse the Internet. Remember that using a shared computer is always riskier than using a computer to which you are the only person with access.
  8. Account-security. If you think your account has been compromised or someone else knows your account verification information, contact your supervisor ASAP!
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